Medical docking vehicle


Medical docking vehicle

Important quality control

* 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact
* 2 function: backrest by qualified airspring, height adjustment by solid crank system
* We use metal dust protection for crank system, more endurable than plastic cover
* We use robust tube in weight bearing structure
* Cover all metal srews with rubber cap, protect screws form possible corrosion
* 4 hooks for IV pole
* Back lift can be up to 80 degrees, make patient more conformtable when needed
* With strips to provent patient from possible slide off the stretcher
* Four double side casters of 6 inch diameter, simultaneously lockable by the step pedal at both sides.
* With direction wheel, which help nurse staff to push trolley to go straight easily by one person.
* TPR tire no worn out after running 30KM, save anti-winding hard shell, united forming without bolts
* Pass dynamic test: one caster bearing 120kg run 30KM and pass obstacles 500 times
* Stainless steel handle, more durable

Technical parameters

External size (LxW)
1930×640 mm
Table height adjustment
540-840 mm
Back plate adjustment
0-75° (±10°)

Technical configuration

Crank system
1 set
Back plate air spring
1 set
ABS side guardrail
1 set
6″ castors with central locking system
4 pcs
Directional wheel
1 pc
Central locking pedal
2 pcs
Directional pedal
2 pcs
IV pole
1 set
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